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Championship Day

Most of the potential Cinderella stories died yesterday in the conference semifinals. The only team with the potential to crash the party with an automatic bid, is Quinnipiac, who is playing Clarkson in the ECACHL final today.

We're also guaranteed to have a service academy in the NCAA tournament since Army and Air Force will be facing off in the AHA final today.

New Hampshire advanced to the Hockey East final against Boston College with an overtime goal that was shown on Sportscenter last night. Not to be provincial, but if ESPN is going to show Hockey East highlights, they may as well start showing Minnesota Bantam hightlights too. Think I'm kidding? Who was the best player in Hockey East this year? That's right, a kid from Minnesota who couldn't make it out here and got shipped off to the JV league.

Minnesota will play a red-hot North Dakota team in the WCHA final. North Dakota beat St. Cloud 6-2. It was a really rough game for SCSU's defenseman. Minnesota got past a tough Wisconsin team in a 3-2 game. Why was Jon Campion assigned to this game? I understand that he wanted to get back on the ice, and Greg Shepherd wanted to get him back out on the ice, but there had to have been a better choice for that game. I'm sure Wisconsin enjoyed their 2:09 of powerplay time for the entire game.

Notre Dame shut out Lake Superior, and Michigan beat Michigan State. Michigan State can secure an NCAA tournament bid with a win or tie in today's third place game. Otherwise, they'll need a little bit of help from around the country.