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2nd Annual WCH Tourney Pick'em

We tried this last year, and it seemed to work out pretty well, so we're going with it again. This is the second annual Western College Hockey Blog NCAA Tournament Pick'em Contest. Last year, Steve Christensen of Omaha won the contest.

The scoring is a little different from most bracket pools. You get points based on the seed of each correct pick. For example, if you correctly pick number 1 seed Minnesota to beat 4 seed Air Force, you get 1 point. If you correctly pick 4 seed Air Force to beat 1 seed Minnesota, you get 4 points. New this year, I'm also adding a round multiplier, meaning a correct first round pick will be multiplied by one, a correct second round pick will be multiplied by two, a correct Frozen Four pick will be multiplied by 3, and the points for picking the correct national champion will be multiplied by 4. If you have any questions on the scoring, feel free to ask me.

All brackets must be emailed to me at prior to the start of the first game on Friday. There's no real prizes, except fame and glory.

Best of luck.