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Weighted Scoring Stats

Ok, here's take two. The idea is the same as the first time, but with two tweaks. First, instead of using straight points, I'll be using points per game average, and instead of using KRACH's strength of schedule, I'll be multiplying it by using the RPI's Strength of Schedule because there is less of a disparity between the toughest and easiest schedule. I've picked the top 20 scorers, as well as few other names.

Here's the breakdown:

T.J. Hensick, Michigan: .854873
Kevin Porter, Michigan: .81904
Andreas Nodl, St. Cloud: .74727
Andrew Gordon, St. Cloud: .74727
Scott Parse, Nebraska-Omaha: .729708
Eric Ehn, Air Force: .708698
Ryan Duncan, North Dakota: .69918
Ted Cook, Niagara: .68278
Les Reaney, Niagara: .68278
Mason Raymond, Minnesota-Duluth: .672465
Mark Letestu, Western Michigan: .666864
Trevor Smith, New Hampshire: .658241
Nathan Davis, Miami: .657751
Kyle Okposo, Minnesota: .654652
James Sixsmith, Holy Cross: .648934
Sean Bentivoglio, Niagara: .648641
Mike Santorelli, Northern Michigan: .642432
Steve Pinizotto, RIT: .62016
Kyle Greentree, Alaska: .617625
Alex Nikiforuk, Nebraska-Omaha: .610572
Erik Condra, Notre Dame: .59604
Pierre-Luc O'Brien, Sacred Heart: .587079
Travis Morin, Minnesota State: .58315
Brock Trotter, Denver: .574539
Alex Goligoski, Minnesota: .552698
Tyler Burton, Colgate: .546449