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These Can't All Be Winners

I was going to talk about Brad Schlossman's excellent article in the Grand Forks Herald on the drop in WCHA scoring over the past few seasons, but it ended up being a busy day, so I'll save that for tomorrow or sometime in the future when I can give it the attention it deserves. For now, here's some stuff on the NHL that is kind of interesting.

A Pittsburgh-based blog rips the NHL for its treatment of Sidney Crosby. The thesis of his argument:

If lowlife no-talents like Downey want to hate on Crosby, that's fine. He has that right. But where is the NHL in all of this? Do they want the face of their league being pushed around by low-end tough guys? Is this a good business model for the success of a still struggling sport?

Canadian journalist Neate Sager takes George W. Bush to task for his painful speech when the Carolina Hurricanes visited the White House. He does make a joke about Mike Commodore's hair, and absolutely butchers the word 'buoyancy'(Though I'm sure he'd tell you that is scientific myth too). Overall, it's just an awful 9 minutes.

Finally, I happened to catch Claude Lemieux on Pros vs. Joes on Spike TV, proving I'll watch just about anything hockey-related. In that particular event, the Joe had to grab a puck and shoot it into the net before Claude could take the puck away from him and shoot it into the open net. On the Joe's first attempt, Claude put his stick into the guys mouth and left him bloodied and laying on the ice while Claude scored easily. I wasn't surprised.