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I pay tribute to Minnesota State's senior class. The Mankato Free Press also features Travis Morin.

Gopher Mike Howe will be playing his last game in his hometown tonight. The St. Cloud Times also has more on the Husky-Gopher match-up.

Tech Still Sucks honors NMU's senior class and also features defenseman Bobby Selden.

Let's Go DU is against Bemidji joining the WCHA, though I believe the article misses the initial point; chiefly, there is no more "wait and see". The CHA is dying. If by next May, Bemidji doesn't have a conference, they don't have a team. They've done more than enough to show that they could be a competitive WCHA team.

Elliot Olshansky agrees with me on the expansion issue. As he points out, the problem isn't with Bemidji; it's with the CHA.

USHL Central Scouting has articles up about David Valek and Chad Lowry. Valek has season tickets to Michigan hockey games, and seems to be good friends with Chris Brown, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up at Michigan in three years.

The Lowry article is interesting if only for this quote:
When asked what college hockey needs to do to get the word out more, Lowry said, "I think they need to open up the rules a bit, let college coaches contact kids earlier."
It's interesting because you hear a lot about how NCAA schools are recruiting and getting commitments at too young an age, though they're still way behind the CHL in terms of getting to kids at a young age. Of course, for every kid like Chad Lowry, I've also heard kids say they like the more laid back approach of the NCAA when it comes to recruiting at the Midget Minor level.