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So Close, Yet So Far

Everybody knows that the CCHA is a hard league to pick. The preseason polls always look way off by the end of the season. I took my own stab at it before the season.

I was checking out the standings the other day, and I noticed something interesting. It turns out all five of the teams I picked to finish in the top five in the league actually are in the top five of the league. That's pretty good.

And then on closer inspection, I realized my top five was exactly opposite to the current top five. Technically Notre Dame and Miami are tied for first, but Notre Dame has games in hand. Same with Lake Superior having a game on hand over Michigan State. On the plus side, I totally nailed Michigan being in third place. Go me.

So I guess this means I at least have some idea of who will be good. I just have no clue about how good they will be.