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New Commits

Western Michigan got a commitment from Sioux City goalie Jerry Kuhn. The Broncos would have three goalies for next season with Kuhn, Daniel Bellissimo, and Riley Gill.

Nebraska-Omaha got two more commitments for the 2008 season from the USHL.

The first is Andrew Conboy of Omaha. Conboy is a 6'4" 200 lbs. forward, and the brother of imfamous St. Cloud State defenseman Tim Conboy. Conboy joins 2007 recruit Rich Purslow as the second sibling of a former St. Cloud State player Omaha assistant Doc DelCastillo and the Mavericks have brought to Omaha.

The second is Jake Skjodt(pronounced like "Scott", for you UNO fans) of Indiana. Skjodt is a native of Indianapolis, and played for the Indiana Jr. Ice last season. He's been Indiana's leading goal scorer so far this season.