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NCAA Tournament Projections

Once again, Matt Latham sorts out the NCAA tournament field.

Here's what it looks like this week:

East Regional (Rochester, NY. Host: ECACHL)
March 23rd & March 24th

#1 St. Cloud State vs. #4 Niagara
#2 Clarkson vs. #3 Vermont

Midwest Regional (Grand Rapids, MI. Host: Western Michigan)
March 23rd & 24th

#1 Minnesota vs. #4 St. Lawerence
#2 Michigan State vs. #3 North Dakota

Northeast Regional (Manchester, NH. Host: New Hampshire)
March 24th & 25th

#1 New Hampshire vs. #4 Sacred Heart
#2 Maine vs. #3 Michigan

West Regional (Denver, CO. Host: Denver U)
March 24th & 25th

#1 Notre Dame vs. #4 Boston College
#2 Denver U vs. #3 Miami U

Last 2 In: Miami, Boston College
First 2 Out: Colorado College, Michigan Tech

Those would be appear to be very favorable brackets for the WCHA, and especially St. Cloud, who is in a regional with with a CHA team, and two teams they've already beaten fairly easily this year. It would also appear to be pretty tough brackets for the CCHA.