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Mitch Ryan Leaves Duluth

The Duluth News Tribune reported that forward Mitch Ryan has left the team.

Ryan was playing in about half of his team's games this season. I don't know the situation surrounding his decision to leave, but it sounds like it was purely his decision and not the coaching staff's. Ryan was a local kid, and I'm sure it was his dream to grow up and play for the Bulldogs, and it's a shame that it didn't work out as he had hoped.

On a similar note, Minnesota-Duluth recruit Mike Dorr seems to have re-opened his recruitment. He never sent in his letter of intent to Duluth so he's in no way bound to them. On one hand, it's disappointing for Duluth to take a gamble on a kid, and then see him bolt for greener pastures once his stock rises, but on the other hand, I usually side with the player in 99% of these cases, and since it's his future at stake, I'd like to see him go where he is happiest.