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Means Avoids Further Punishment

The WCHA announced this week that they were satisfied with the punishment Minnesota State handed down to assistant coach Eric Means and will not take further action. The school declined to comment on what Means punishment was, but he was not behind the bench for Minnesota State's three most recent games.

It looks like what I predicted two weeks ago happened. Means was "suspended" for a couple games where he probably would have been out recruiting anyway. Jon Campion worked the following weekend, but didn't work last weekend, though with four league teams off, they didn't need every official. Some may say that punishment seems light for both, but I kind of get the feeling that this is an incident that the WCHA doesn't want to make too big a deal of, since full disclosure probably hurts more than it helps.

Certainly we know most of the details about what Means did, but there are still some holes in the story. Means started yelling at Campion, and about midway through, apparently challenged him to a fight. I doubt Means went from just yelling to threatening to fight him without some sort of provocation from Campion, and it's probably best for the league if that was kept quiet.

There's also the issue of how the UofM police treated Means and head coach Troy Jutting. I don't know any of the details, but judging from the footage I've seen, Minnesota's campus police force could use a John Spartan(the Sylvester Stallone character, not the dumbass that paints himself green). It's probably best if their reaction was kept quiet as well.

So that's that. It seems that the WCHA is willing to say "No harm, no foul" and try to put that unpleasant event behind them.