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I'm sure this will go over well. I point out that the top four scorers in the NCAA all come from the same state.

You can read Scott Parse's Tuesdays at the Rink chat here.

On the high school front, St. Cloud Cathedral's Nate Schmidt is injured. Here's an article on Edina's version of the Fab Five. There's definitely some names to remember in there.

Virg Foss of the Grand Forks Herald wrote an article about former North Dakota coach Dean Blais possibly returning to college hockey(I don't have a link, since you need to register, but if you go to the GFH website and search for "Dean Blais," you can find it pretty easily.) Given Blais' track record in college hockey, it's probably only a matter of time before he gets another head coaching. It's just a matter of him finding the right situation.

It's up for debate how much validity there is in what Foss writes, but when he does write, people listen. He certainly ruffled some feathers with the WCHA after his piece slamming WCHA officiating this week.

Speaking of officiating, this article really bothered me. WCHA Commish Bruce McLeod said the NCAA isn't in any rush to adopt rules like the NHL. Said McLeod:
"We tightened up the obstruction penalties before the NHL, and certainly the NHL has gone beyond that - and way past us. We haven't done it in a quantum jump like the NHL, and I think we'll probably continue with that. Some people think the NHL has gone too far, and others love the way it is. We'll just have to wait and see."
Who goes to a hockey game to see the subtle beauty of a fourth-liner partially hooking a faster player to keep up with him? The NHL may be struggling right now, but don't you think it helps them that scoring has gone way up due to the new rules enforcement? Phoenix drew a sellout the other night when Pittsburgh came to town. I have a feeling those people showed up to see Sidney Crosby score goals, not see Jarkko Ruutu hook somebody.

Here's some discussion about hockey bloggers getting press credentials. I'm happy to say that all of my experiences in regards to trying to be a "real press guy" have been 100% positive, which I think speaks very well of the people that are involved in this sport.

LSSU gets a commitment from an Ontario kid.

Some results from The USHL Skills Competition.

USHL Central Scouting features two more '91 birthdates in John Ramage and Jordan Mayer.

A profile on Northern Michigan University.