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Alex Goligoski will be doing the Tuesday at the Rink chat, if you're interested in getting a question in. John Curry is also participating for our Eastern friends.

Brian Cook of MGoBlog is pleased with Michigan's recent sweep in Fairbanks. The Nanooks have really struggled lately, but any time you can get four points out of a weekend in the CCHA, it's a fairly big deal. By the way, I should start charging admission to get back on the Billy Sauer bandwagon. He's been incredibly solid in the second half of his should-have-been freshman season, and now has his season save percentage at a respectable .900.

Notre Dame coach Jeff Jackson made some key adjustments to his lineup after Friday's loss at Western Michigan, and was rewarded.

Jeff Lerg is playing well, as are his teammates. The Spartans have won 9 of their last 10 games.

Nobody really gained any ground in the race for the WCHA's final home ice playoff spot. This has the potential to be a great race down the stretch now that all the teams seem to be getting their stuff together.

The CCHA race isn't looking as exciting since there is a pretty big gap between 4th place, which would get the last first round bye, and 5th place. The big race is for spots 5-9 in the league, with all 5 teams within a point of each other, but it's tough to get excited about who gets to play Bowling Green in the first round of the playoffs.

The good news for Bowling Green fans is that recruit Jacob Cepis is having an outstanding year in the USHL and is leading the league in scoring. It's interesting to note that among the top 12 scorers in the USHL, SCSU's Garrett Roe is the only WCHA recruit, while there are 9 CCHA recruits.

Among the most compelling reasons to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh is the tremendous growth of hockey in the Pittsburgh-area. It was a historic day last week when local kids R.J. Umberger and Nate Guenin both played for the Philadelphia Flyers. Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes about the big day.

Just to highlight how backwards South Bend, Indiana is, Brady Quinn: completely worthless against any competent team, endless media affection. David Brown: actually good, completely unrecognized on campus.

UAA Fan Blog's recap of the weekend with Michigan Tech.