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Going, Going, Gron

This happened on Friday, but I spent all weekend coming up with the title of this post.(Thankfully I'm kidding about this)

Spruce Grover(AJHL) forward Tyler Gron committed to Northern Michigan. Gron was considered one of the better prospects playing in the AJHL this season, and had drawn considerable interest from the WHL. Prince George, who drafted Gron, thought very highly of himuntil he didn't want to play for them. Said Prince George GM Dallas Thompson:
The one on that list(of training camp no-shows) that really upsets me is Tyler Gron. We had lots of contact with him throughout the summer and everything was great until two days ago. We fully expected him to come in and make our team. But you know what? Maybe we just weeded him out early.

Oddly enough, another player that didn't show up to the Prince George camp was another Northern Michigan recruit: Andrew Cherniwchan.

This seems like a pretty nice recruiting coup for the Wildcats. They've managed to land two of the best prospects in Alberta in Cherniwchan and Gron. Both should help add some scoring punch to the Wildcats, who are struggling to get offense from their younger players right now.