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By the Numbers: Mason Raymond

Most people are familiar with the struggles that Minnesota-Duluth had in the first part of the season. But the Bulldogs have been turning things around recently, winning 4 of their last 5, including 3 of their last 4 in the WCHA. There's probably a multitude of reasons that the Bulldogs are playing better now, but one reason is the team's leading scorer, Mason Raymond.

Raymond leads the Bulldogs in scoring with a respectable 26 points in 25 games. But out of those 25 games, 14 of those points came in Duluth's 7 non-conference games, meaning Raymond has scored just 12 points in 18 WCHA league games. That may not seem too out of line, but keep in mind that Raymond has scored six points in the past two weekends, after scoring just 6 points in the first half of the WCHA.

So Raymond scored 6 points in the first half of the WCHA season, and Duluth only earned a dismal 6 points in the conference standings. Through the first two weekends of the second half, Raymond has scored six points, and the Bulldogs have earned six points in the standings.

If Raymond continues to score at a similar pace, perhaps it's possible that Duluth could keep winning and moving up the WCHA standings.