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Berenson Goes for Milestone Win Tonight

Red Berenson has the chance to win get his 600th collegiate win tonight. Technically his career total as a head coach is at 702, counting three seasons as head coach of the St. Louis Blues.

What's more impressive than Berenson's collegiate win total is the relative speed with which he has achieved it. This is only Berenson's 23rd season of coaching, and over that period of time, he has 78 more wins than Boston University's Jack Parker, who is second on the list for most wins over that time period.

Another impressive feat is the consistency his Michigan teams have had. After losing seasons in his first three seasons, Michigan has never had a losing season since. He also holds a record for 16 straight NCAA tournament appearances, which is still active, and 15 consecutive trips to at least the national quarterfinals, which was finally snapped last season.