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YouTube Videos

I'll pass on embedding the videos here, since I think it significantly increases the load time for this page, and I know some people have had problems with that, but there's a couple solid videos out there.

First up is some video of the training regiment of Omaha goalie Jeremie Dupont. If you search, there's about 10 different videos showing some of the different training exercises done by Dupont.

It's been a rough season for Minnesota-Duluth defenseman Matt Niskanen. It probably reached a low point on Friday night when he shot the puck into his own net. Yeah....he probably wasn't supposed to do that. He must have been intimated by The Scoring Machine Us Mortals Call James Gaulrapp.

There's still no YouTube of the Colorado College/Anchorage fight from two weekends ago, nor if there a video of the fight between Minnesota State and Duluth on Saturday. It's a shame that Zach Harrison has to sit out a game because Alex Stalock took a ridiculous cheap shot at him. I'd say Stalock should have to sit a game too, but given the way each of UMD's goalies played this weekend, if UMD wants to play him over Josh Johnson against Ohio State, they can be my guest.(Though the WCHA should probably look at Jeff McFarland taking a blatant run at Nick Canzanello well after the game was over. That was a very ugly hit and there's no place for that in hockey.)