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Two More for Omaha

Nebraska-Omaha picked up two more commitments yesterday, according to Chris Heisenberg.

The first is Alain Goulet, a big defenseman from the Aurora Tigers of the OPJHL, where Omaha has picked up a lot of players recently. Goulet seems like a very nice player, and a bit of a sleeper.

The other is New Prague(pronounced New PRAY-g, for your non-Minnesotans) Minnesota-native and Tri-Cities forward Matt Ambroz. Ambroz is another big forward, which the Mavericks desperately need, and has some nice offensive ability.

It sounds like both players will be joining the Mavericks starting next season.


Des Moines defenseman Ben Rosen committed to Brown University. Rosen is an '89 birthdate and a very solid defenseman. I'm guessing he's related to Brown goalie Dan Rosen, since they're both from Long Island. Rosen didn't get much mention here since I always assumed he'd end up out east, but he's a nice player.