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Trying Something New

As pleased as I've been with the way things have been going here, there were still a couple things I've wanted to improve. There's a number of things obliquely related to college hockey(Minnesota high school hockey, NHL draft, junior hockey, etc.) that I've wanted to cover, but don't necessarily enjoy having it take up most of the front page here since this is still a college hockey site. I also don't necessarily like longer posts taking up a huge chunk of the front page.

So instead of simply cutting that stuff out, and lacking the technical expertise to make those format changes on my site, I've created a sister-blog called Western College Hockey II(creative, eh?). The idea is that I can post those huge word bricks over there, and then just post a nice and neat little link here on the main site.

Ultimately, it won't change anything for you, the loyal reader, since anything posted over there will be linked here. So you don't have to worry about checking another site for updates. Just thought I'd point it out to avoid confusion.

To get things started, I've got a bunch of Minnesota HS Hockey stuff...

A brief rundown of the game between Mankato West and New Prague, as well as what it means for Sections 1 and 6 in Class A.

There's also a more in-depth breakdown on potential college prospect Tyler Lapic.

And I watched a tape of Hill-Murray and White Bear Lake from last night.