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NHL Draft Rankings

Posting might slow down a little bit over the holidays, so I'm trying to post some stuff I've got saved up for your reading pleasure.

Originally, I wanted to make a list with everybody in North America, but that's a little tough to do. So I thought I'd do all of North America for the first round or so. The problem with that is that this year seems to be all over the board. So it makes it kind of difficult to gather a bunch of respected opinions on players and mold that into a list when some players go from top 5 picks to outside the first round in a matter of weeks. So I decided to stick with what I felt comfortable with. My list is mostly American kids, with a few Canadian kids with college hockey ties that I feel like I have solid notes on mixed in. The Limited Viewing guys are the "A" prospects according to the Central Scouting Bureau that I didn't know much about.

Click here to view the rankings