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Phil Kessel is out with a non-hockey medical condition. Whatever that means. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Kessel has always been a favorite target here, but I sincerely wish him the best. (Link via James Mirtle)

The Star Trib's Pat Reusse profiled Bobby Goepfert.

Cedar Rapids Rob Bordson took a visit to Colorado College last weekend. He'd join the Tigers in 2008, if he committed there. Bordson is currently out with mono, but played very well for Cedar Rapids when healthy.

Another CC recruit, Ryan Lowery, will likely miss most of the rest of this season after getting beat up by a teammate during a practice last week. He suffered a seperated shoulder and a broken jaw as a result of the incident.

Peter Mannino's cousin, Tom, has left the OHL to play in the USHL. It sounds like the rumored attitude problems finally did Mannino in.