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I Miss Communism

I kind of like the idea of going with one YouTube per week to post about.

(Special thanks go out to the Pipeline Show for bringing this video to my attention).

This week's video is a classic. During the 1987 World Junior Championships, Canada was playing the Soviet Union in the medal round, and needed to win by at least 5 goals to win the gold. Canada was up 4-2 midway through the game, when this brawl erupted. Both teams were eventually disqualified from the tournament and Canada lost out on winning any medal, let alone the gold. Legend has it that the Soviets started the brawl to keep Canada from getting a medal. It's probably one of the best hockey brawls you're ever going to see.(Canada is in white, and the Soviets are the ones getting the punched in the head.)

Possibly just as notable as this fight itself, was the reaction of one angry ex-coach, named Don Cherry, whose reaction to the fight helped promote him to national celebrity status in Canada.