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Hirsch Gone

Tyler Hirsch is no longer with the Minnesota hockey team. Here's what the Gophers press release had to say:
University of Minnesota men's hockey head coach Don Lucia announced today that senior forward Tyler Hirsch has been dismissed from the team.

"Tyler Hirsch's hockey career at the University of Minnesota has come to an end," Lucia said. "This is a private and confidential matter between Tyler and the coaching staff, and there will be no further comments from any members of the hockey program or the University of Minnesota. We wish Tyler success in his future endeavors".
I don't know the whole story, and probably never will, which is fine by me. I don't want to speculate too much on it either, but the fact that he played Friday night, and was gone from the team less than 24 hours later leads me to believe it's not just a matter of academics.

As always, best of luck to Tyler in the future.