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He's Back!

One of my big regrets about getting into the world of college hockey only recently is that I was only able to enjoy former St. Cloud coach Craig Dahl from afar. Don't get me wrong, getting quotes from Bob Motzko after a game was very informative, but not a single time was the word 'dadgum' thrown into the conversation. The people of St. Cloud may not agree with me, but in some ways, I miss Craig Dahl.

So it was much to my delight yesterday when I saw that the Dahlie Lama had resurfaced from his job as a financial consultant or whatever to do color commentary for Fox Sports North's high school hockey game between Minnetonka and Maple Grove. I didn't catch any references to the "catbird seat," though I did hear him mention that things were "Even Steven" once.

Similar to Doug Woog, Dahl had obviously run his course as a college hockey head coach. But he's always seemed like a guy with a great personality, and it's nice see him back around the rink again.