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Fight Night in the Springs

After Colorado College scored in overtime to beat Alaska-Anchorage by a score of 4-3, a bench-clearing brawl broke out, and 11 players will have to miss their next game.

Anchorage will lose the services of Chris Tarkir, Blair Tassone, Jay Beagle, Chad Anderson, Mark Smith, and Kevin Clark for their first game next weekend they travel to Denver.

Colorado College will be without Addison DeBoer, Brandon Straub, Jake Gannon, Lee Sweatt, and Mike Testwuide for their next game against Bemidji State.

There's no YouTube video on this yet, but if there is, I'll be sure to post it. I'm interested to see if any further suspensions come out of this, since obviously it was a situation where players came off the bench and entered into a fight. Technically the game was over, but I'm guessing the fight started immediately after the goal was scored, so players probably shouldn't have been jumping into the fight. Chad Anderson was the only player on the ice at the time of the goal that got DQed. Maybe they'll stick with just the one game though.