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Congrats Bemidji!

I know it's not officially over until the end of the season, but I'd like to be the first the congratulate the Bemidji State Beavers on winning the 2006-2007 DQ Cup. Since the results this year are being tallied based on winning percentage rather than points, so with a perfect 1.000 winning percentage, and no more games against teams from Minnesota, Bemidji has built an insurmountable lead.

For those that aren't familiar with the DQ Cup, it was a competition created two years ago to honor the top college hockey team in Minnesota, by keeping track of every intra-Minnesota game played. Now technically, Bemidji was unfairly excluded from this competition, but I say if the goal is to honor the best college team in Minnesota, why exclude anybody?

Bemidji went a perfect 4-0 in psuedo-DQ Cup competition, sweeping Minnesota State in Mankato, and then sweeping a home and home series against Minnesota-Duluth, including a thrilling three goal comeback at the DECC on Saturday. The Beavers also won 2 of their 4 games in overtime.

So congratulations Bemidji. The coldness and creamy deliciousness you showed in dispatching your fellow Minnesotans was exactly what people want in a hockey team, or a Blizzard. You may not win this beautiful trophy that you can hide in the corner of your building at the State Fair, but next time I eat a vanilla/chocolate soft-serve swirl cone, which probably won't be for months, it will be in your honor.