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Cat on Cat Violence

So probably one of the best plays you're going to see all season happened in the NHL last night, and in a weird coincidence, three of the major players all hapened to come from the same college hockey team.

The play started when former Vermont Catamount Eric Perrin, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, forced a turnover in the Boston Bruin end of the rink. He made a pass to teammate Brad Richards along the sideboards. Richards and teammate Martin St. Louis, also a Vermont alum came in on a two-on-one against Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas, who also happened to play with St. Louis and Perrin at Vermont. Richards made a nice feed across to St. Louis, and well, I'll let YouTube pick up the rest:

That's a pretty amazing save.

Perrin, St. Louis, and Thomas are forever linked as the trio that led Vermont to their only ever NCAA Frozen Four in the 1995-96 season, where they lost to Don Lucia's Colorado College team in overtime at the Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum. That game lives in college hockey infamy due to the conditions the game was played under. Hours prior to the game, an arena worker who was drilling holes in the ice for the net pegs accidentally punctured one of the arean's refrigeration units. This caused the ice conditions to be less than ideal by game time, and they eventually became worse as the game went on. The slushy ice helped negate Vermont's speed advantage(Imagine that, a world where a WCHA team doesn't have a speed advantage), and many feel like the Catamounts would have won that game under more normal circumstances.