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The BCS and College Hockey

There was a lot of nonsense about college football's quasi-national title game, which featured ESPN's world-class talking heads making rock-solid arguments like "Florida is just a team that knows how to win".(For the record, Michigan probably got screwed, but if Michigan was playing OSU again, Florida would have been screwed. There's really insufficient data on each team to make that call, and any argument you try to make for either side just sounds silly.) But lost in all that is a story that could have some interesting side effects for college hockey.

Despite being a total and complete fraud, Notre Dame was allowed to sneak into the Sugar Bowl on the strength of beating a couple football programs that haven't been anywhere near competitive since the '60s like Navy and Michigan State. Anyway, even though the Fighting Irish will likely lose their 47th straight bowl game this year, they still get the roughly $14 million payout, and because the Irish don't play in a conference, they won't have to split that money with anybody else.

The same thing happened last season at Notre Dame, and that money, combined with some generous alumni donations, allowed the Notre Dame athletic department to announce plans to build a new home for the Notre Dame basketball team. It would seem that the next priority for Notre Dame would be to renovate the school's ice rink, which is one of the worst in the west. This BCS bowl payout should go a long ways towards making that happen.

Indiations from Notre Dame seem to be that they want to renovate the Joyce Center, where Notre Dame plays rather than building a new arena, but I think it would be better if they started from scratch and built a nice arena to really help their program grow.