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Slow News Day

Marquette Mining Journal sports writer Matt Wellens has a blog, in which he does a very solid job of covering Northern Michigan.

Omaha's Crimson Issue has moved to a blog form, and is a very nice site. It's definitely worth checking out. Today's top story asks an intriguing question about a "blueprint" for a college hockey program. It's an interesting issue that I may discuss some day.

Both sites are highly recommended. It's nice to see the CCHA starting to catch up to the WCHA in the blogosphere.

Over at Mav Hockey Nation, I make a case for Travis Morin's Hobey candidacy. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that he won't win the Hobey. That's why I'm thinking of creating my award called the Aniket Dhadphale, given each year to the outstanding player on a crappy team.

The Blog that Yost Built compiles a bunch of opinions on new Michigan recruit Kevin Quick.