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Santa Fe's Demise Now Official

Paul Shaheen, of the Research on Ice newsletter, reported today that Santa Fe RoadRunners owner Mary Magdalene Lorang is withdrawing support from the franchise, which likely means the end for the franchise.

USA Hockey stepped in today and froze Santa Fe's roster, and prohibited other teams from talking to any of Santa Fe's players, until a solution can be resolved.

The beleaguered RoadRunners franchise was at the center of some controversy earlier this year when new NAHL commissioner Eric Krupka said in an interview that Santa Fe was a market that wasn't going to work. He then backtracked by saying that Santa Fe would remain in the NAHL for a long time.

It's an unfortunate situation any time a franchise fails, because it takes away opportunities for hockey players. The best case scenario would be if the team, which has been pretty good despite poor support, was able to finish the season, and then the NAHL found a new, better location, for the team in the future. I personally think that adding two more teams in Alaska would be the best route to go, if they can secure the funding for it.