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Recruiting News

Minnesota got a commitment from NTDP U17 defenseman Grant Scott. Scott took a visit to Minnesota last weekend and decided to commit on Tuesday. I'm sorry, but if you visit Minnesota and list the crowd at Mariucci as one of the reasons for committing, obviously you haven't taken enough visits. It's hard to blame a player with an offer from Minnesota for not taking it though.

This one is kind of surprising all around. Scott is a Pennsylvania native and Minnesota doesn't recruit too many players out of there. It's also a little surprising because I've seen some less than positive scouting reports of Scott. Then again, the NTDP saw something in him, and so did Minnesota's coaching staff, so he can't be all that bad.

Anchorage got a commitment from Alaska Avalanche(NAHL) forward Brad McCabe. McCabe is a big foward(6' 200 lbs.) and an '88 birthdate. He got off to a nice start in the NAHL this year. He's eligible for the NHL draft this summer and was listed as a "B" prospect by the Central Scouting Bureau.

Grand Rapids(Minn.) HS defenseman Joe Stejskal has committed to Dartmouth. It's nice to see a Minnesota kid get the opportunity to play college hockey and get an Ivy League education.