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More OHL Departures to Come?

We've reached a crucial point in the college hockey season for many players. We're now at about the quarter mark of the season, whichs means the season is now old enough that everyone has a pretty good idea of their place on the team, and yet young enough that a player can choose to go somewhere else and still have a fairly long season.

Earlier this week, it was Nigel Williams leaving Wisconsin, and perhaps he won't be the only player to leave college hockey for the OHL. Williams won't be the only player to do so, if certain OHL teams have their way.

Technically these are wild internet rumors, but deserve mention since they seem to make a great deal of sense. Anyway, it's been that the Ottawa 67's have been talking with Michigan's Jason Bailey and another unnamed USHL player, and trying to convince them to sign. Bailey has struggled so far this season for Michigan and hasn't scored a point yet this season. It's certainly a situation for Michigan fans to keep an eye on.

In recruiting news, about a week after losing out on defenseman Kevin Quick to Michigan, Ohio State picked up Ohio(USHL) '87 defenseman Chris Reed.

And Northern Michigan has picked up a local player in 20 year old Marquette native Evan Lucas. Lucas is a defenseman that will join the Wildcats next season.