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With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I'll be off enjoying the company of my family, not enjoying another Detroit Lions loss, and God/traffic-willing, watching the Michigan basketball team exact a little revenge on Jim Tressel's old school.(Yeah, because that's going to ease the pain) As such, posting will probably slow to a near halt. If anything major happens, I'll probably talk about it, but I'm a little less inclined to stay up past 2am to make sure I get posts ready when I'm on a vacation. So enjoy the holiday, everyone.

James Mirtle says Brad Winchester is one of the best players you've never heard of, even though most of us have heard of him.

Twelve games into the season and I'm throwing in the towel/rallying the troops for next year in Mankato.

Todd Milewski has more on Derek Stepan's commitment.

The first Minnesota HS Hockey rankings are out. Last year's state champs start the season at number one in each poll.

Northern Michigan announced that three players signed a letter of intent during the early signing period. Jared Brown and Mario Lamoureux weren't surprises, but a third name that hadn't been mentioned yet was Nick Kosinski, a Marquette native playing for Marquette's NAHL franchise.

Anchorage is enjoying their day in the sun, even though the sun has pretty much disappeared up there(I know Anchorage doesn't get the 24 hours of darkness thing, but work with me here). Nathan Lawson is the INCH player of the week, and more impressively, finished runner-up to himself in the balloting. Anchorage was also College Hockey News team of the week, though no story is up for them yet.

Hockey Thoughts says Shattuck defenseman Ben Blood is choosing between St. Cloud and North Dakota, with Wisconsin and Duluth as longshots.

INCH is thankful for stuff, and manages to work in another shot at Minnesota State. In the spirit of the holiday, I won't rant about why that's ridiculous.