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The Early Signing Period starts today, so fax machines in hockey offices around the country should be busy. I'll try to compile press releases, but I'd also appreciate it if people sent me the press releases from their school.

CSTV's Dave Starman does a nice feature piece on Badger equipment manager Steve Castelletti. It turns out that protecting Jack Skille's sticks is better than protecting the King of Jordan's son.

Michigan State tied Ferris State last night.

INCH has this week's Hobey Tracker up. Still no love for Travis Morin, despite my outstanding argument for him yesterday. Instead their "Hidden Hobey" was some guy from Sacred Heart who was pretty silent in the two games Sacred Heart played against major conference teams.

Maine is good. I think it's because of the magical Don't Suck Dust I sprinkled on them before their first game of the season, when I got the press pass to the Hall of Fame game. SID at St. Cloud, please take note.

CHN's James Dowd writes about Nebraska-Omaha.

The Pittsburgh Hornets will be hosting a pretty big Midget Major tournament.