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Paul Pooley is getting his number retired at Ohio State this weekend. Shhh, nobody tell Providence.

Todd Milewski writes about Wisconsin's lineup this weekend at Anchorage. Ross Carlson is traveling, though not likely to play. It also includes some funny notes about the Badgers' coaches dressing up for Halloween.

INCH updated their Hobey Tracker. Michel Leveille leads, with Cory Schneider in second, though that was before Schneider lost to Providence last night.

Phillippe Lamoureux is still injured, as is Rylan Kaip, and probably Jonathan Toews. Also, T.J. Oshie has a mullet. *shudder*

The Michigan Daily talks about Michigan's need to get more traffic in front of the net.

The Badger Herald features Wisconsin captain Andrew Joudrey.

The OHL tried to screw some ex-player on his education package. Anti-major junior folks will use this story next time those leagues talk about their education packages, but overall I don't think this is a huge deal.

Former Wisconsin Badger Joe Pavelski is sixth in the AHL in scoring so far this year, and best among rookie scorers.

Riley Nash's brother is off to a hot start at Cornell.