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Illness Hurts CC

Colorado College coach Scott Owens said before the season that with the departures of star scorers Brett Sterling and Marty Sertich, the Tigers would have to be of a team. This probably wasn't what he had in mind though. Lately, the Tigers have been sharing germs and illnesses as much as they have been sharing scoring opportunities on the ice.

The epidemic began when freshmen Billy Sweatt was diagnosed with mononucleosis after the Tigers returned home from their trip to Alaska. One week later, Sweatt's linemate, Jimmy Kilpatrick was also diagnosed with mono and strep throat, which caused him to miss the Minnesota series. Kilpatrick's mono test eventually did come back negative, but he still had strep throat.

That case of strep throat is the new disease making its rounds through the CC lockerroom. Forward James Branigan missed a day of practice due to strep throat, but will be cleared to play this weekend against Michigan Tech. Sophomore goalie Drew O'Connell is also rumored to have strep throat, though senior Matt Zaba was schedule to start on Friday, and possibly Saturday. Star forward Chad Rau was also reported as feeling sick.

On top of the illness, the Tigers have also been hurt by normal injuries. Defenseman Nate Prosser will miss a second straight weekend after suffering a severe concussion two weeks ago, and forward Andreas Vlassapoulos is still recovering from a knee injury that he suffered last season.

(Most of this information comes courtesy of Kate Crandall at the Colorado Springs Gazette Tiger Den)