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How About a CCHA Post?

I do cover both the WCHA and the CCHA, though that may be difficult to believe since it seems like I've been talking about the WCHA way more lately. Apologies on my part. Here's a look around the CCHA to see what some of the the local media is writing so far this season.

Ohio State forward Bryce Anderson is old. The Buckeyes tried to play a more up-tempo offensive style early on this year, but they gave up on it just a couple weeks into the season. Beat writer Scott Priestle also wrote about how Ohio State is striving to be more like Minnesota.

Steve Wozniak writes about Notre Dame's road success and Paul Pooley's ceremony. Ironically, I think the article was written on a PC.(Wow, I bet I'm the first person to ever make that joke.)

Michigan looks to finally beat rivals Michigan State, without the services of star defenseman Jack Johnson on Friday night.

Former MSU Spartan Joe Goodenow is now into horse racing.

The Omaha World-Herald wrote about Alex Nikiforuk, if you're interested enough to sign up to read the article.