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A Friendly Reminder

(I'm getting tired of apologizing, but I have to again. If you woke up this morning and were greeted to 9 stories about Santa Fe, no, I didn't think that was story was so important that I put it up over and over again. I really wanted to post it last night, and Blogger wouldn't allow me, so I guess as a favor, it posted about 9 of them in the middle of the night to make it up to me.)

There's actually midweek hockey this week. Northern Michigan and Minnesota-Duluth are going to get it on old-school WCHA-style tonight in Marquette. I'm interested in this game because it features two teams that are both pretty good, but not quite able to crack their way into the top of their conference. Northern is rolling after gutting out 3 points against a very tough Alaska squad, and Duluth is trying to bounce back from only taking one point against Michigan Tech.

Runnin with the Dogs previews this game from teh Duluth perspective.

For the Northern perspective, Matt Wellens wrote about the game in his NMU Notebook for the Mining Journal and covered the game a little more on his blog.