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Dante Hicks Would be Proud

Lake Superior traveled down to Bowling Green to take on the Falcons this past weekend. It wasn't exactly a pleasant bus ride though. On the ride down, the Lakers third defensive pairing of Steve Kaunisto and Marty Gurnoe got sick, to the point that they were too dehyrated to play. Nik Sellers was plugged into the lineup at forward, and fourth liner Jason Blain dropped back to defense. But the Lakers still needed one more defenseman.

Coach Jim Roque called back to Sault Ste. Marie and told defenseman Justin Gutwald to drive down to BG so he could play. Gutwald made the 400 mile trip in time to play in Friday night's game, where he picked up an assist in the Lakers 3-1 victory. Kaunisto and Gurnoe felt better the next day and played, but maybe the Lakers should have stuck with Gutwald because the Lakers lost 4-2.

Incidentally, I hate to say it, but my daring pick of Lake Superior finishing in second is starting to look like a "Gene pick". Just to prove that I'm not always wrong about everything, last week I said that Michigan Tech might struggle to score against Colorado College, and the Huskies proved me right, only scoring a single goal in each game of the series.