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Central Scouting Updates

The NHL's Central Scouting Bureau has made a few changes to their "Players to Watch" list for NCAA/Jr. A players.

Shattuck defenseman Ben Blood and Michigan Tech recruit Casey Pierro-Zabotel were both reclassified as "A" players, meaning they're projected as a top three round draft pick.

Justin Vaive was dropped from an "A" player to a "B" player. Tyler Gron went from "B" player to "Limited Viewing".

St. Cloud recruit Garrett Roe was added as a "B" player in the USHL.

The biggest movement was taking players from the Limited Viewing section and moving them to the "B" player section. Those players included: Brian Schack(Minn.), Tyler Thompson, Robin Bergman, David Boehm(all Cedar Rapids), Craig Smith(Waterloo), Ryan Santana(Green Bay), and Mike Dalhuisen.

They also got official heights and meaures from players in the AJHL and Ontario Jr. A leagues. Here's some ones of interest:

Louie Caporusso(Michigan)- 5' 8.5" 182 lbs.
Brendan Smith(Wisconsin- 6' 1" 167 lbs.
David Civitarese(AJHL)- 6' 3/4" 195 lbs.
Dan Nycholat(AJHL)- 6'1" 180 lbs.