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Brief Linkorama

College Hockey News' Dane DeKrey wrote a very nice feautre on Kyle Okposo. We're a good 10 games into the season, and I think this is a first time I've seen someone mention that he is the first African-American to play hockey for the Gophers. I think it's refreshing that that hasn't been a big story, and that he's been allowed to be Kyle Okposo: hockey player, and not Kyle Okposo: African-American hockey player.

Denver is CHN's Team of the Week, though CHN's Blog points out that that might be a curse.

INCH Hobey Tracker is up. Still no mention of Travis Morin in the Hidden Hobey section. Yes, I am planning on complaining every week until he gets a mention.

Matt Zaba is bravely holding the line as the only thing seperating Colorado College from the Apocalypse, or something like that.

Let's Go DU has his own wacky take on the story about Wisconsin's equipment manager. Perhaps faulty intelligence is why goalie Brian Elliott overplayed the puck on DU's overtime winner. Seriously, after watching the video, where was he sliding? There is nobody on that other side of the net.