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Breaking News: NCAA and CHL CSB Ratings

I just got a copy of the NHL Central Scouting Bureau's "Players to Watch" List for the NCAA and CHL, which hasn't been released yet.

For the college guys, Dion Knelsen, Bill Sweatt, Jim O'Brien, and TJ Galiardi of Dartmouth, all received an "A" rating, as a top three round pick.

Players to receive a "B" rating among western schools were Kai Kantola of Bowling Green, Brian Lebler of Michigan, and Ben Street of Wisconsin. Goalies Anthony Grieco of North Dakota, and Jeremie Dupont of UNO also received a "B" rating.

Minnesota State's Nick Canzanello, Michigan's Steve Kampfer, Duluth's Trent Palm, and Minnesota's Brian Schack were all on the Limited Viewing list.

The CSB also released their CHL rankings. In the OHL, Sam Gagner was the surprise number one, over Logan Couture. Pat Kane was ranked third. American Nick Palmieri was 8th among OHL skaters. American goalie Jeremy Smith is the top ranked OHL goalie.

Former Shattuck forward Angelo Esposito was ranked ahead of Jakub Voracek, who some people have rated as the best player in the draft.

In the WHL, American defenseman Jon Blum is second overall, behind only defenseman Keaton Ellerby. Colton Gillies is third.