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Brad Smith to Ohio State

The Scouting News had a podcast interview with Belle Tire coach Kyle Krug, where he said forward Brad Smith has committed to Ohio State. Smith will likely start with the Buckeyes in the 2009-2010 season.

Smith is a talented forward from Trenton, Michigan. He first made news when he had an impressive performance at the 2005 Select 14 Festival, and followed it up with a nice performance at this year's Select 15 Festival.

Personally, I didn't put Smith in the small group of 15 year olds that definitely looked like they were ready to commit to a college, like Cam Fowler, Nate Schmidt, and A.J. Treais, but he was definitely near the top of the list of kids that looked like they had a lot of potential to develop into good college players. The Buckeyes probably had to be willing to take a chance on Smith a little earlier than most teams to keep him away from the big Michigan schools.