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Weekend Recap

None of these are real games, so any extrapolating from these performances is probably pretty useless. But it's been a long summer, and we've wait a long time to see our favorite team take on some nameless Canadians.


The most surprising result was probably Anchorage's 9-2 victory over the NTDP. 9 goals is a pretty impressive showing for a team whose leading goalscorer last season only had 7 goals last season.

Midway through there game, Denver trailed Calgary 2-0, but then scored 6 unanswered goals from 5 different goal scorers and ended up being Calgary 6-3.

Northern Michigan beat Toronto pretty easily by a score of 5-1. Freshmen Matt Butcher didn't play for Northern. It sounded like it was a pretty physical game.

Freshman forward Nathan Perkovich and freshman goalie Patrick Inglis both played well in Lake Superior's intrasquad scrimmage. Jeff Jakaitis struggled a bit in goal, but the Lakers don't have to worry much about Jakaitis. It was probably more important that Inglis played well so that they have a legitimate back-up to spell Jakaitis.

The usual suspects played well for Michigan in their intrasquad scrimmage. Hensick, Johnson, Porter, and Kolarik all had nice games.


It was an emotional night in Grand Forks as Robbie Bina returned to the ice after breaking his neck 18 months ago. The Sioux handled Manitoba pretty easily, winning 5-2.

Miami beat up on the Canadian Tijuana by a score of 8-1.

Ferris State beat Western Ontario by a score of 6-5 in overtime.

Colorado College dominated Calgary in terms of controlling the play, but Calgary capitalized on their few powerplay chances to win 4-2. It was nice to see Brian McMillin tally a goal for the Tigers in his first exhibition game.