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Weekend Previews

Here's the Maverick Hockey Blog preview of Minnesota State vs. Notre Dame. For the record, it's totally Notre Dame's fault that they're playing on Thursday night.

CSTV has more on the Irish.

Lake Superior plays Ohio State. An early season battle to see which who could be one of the CCHA's surprise teams this year, and disappointingly, my horse, LSSU, seemed to come out of the blocks lame, losing to Lakehead last week. I've still got the faith though.

Game notes for Wayne State's series against Minnesota. One of the best college hockey teams takes on one of the worst. I think the Gophers might get off to a slower start than people expect in this series, but ultimately cruise easily.

The UAA Fan Blog has extensive previews for the Nye Frontier Class, featuring Merrimack and Nebraska-Omaha.

Freshman forward Mike Forney won't play against Wisconsin this weekend, due to a shoulder injury. The good news is that defenseman Joe Finley and Zach Jones will be healthy and ready to play.

Senior forward Matt Christie won't be playing this weekend, and could miss more time, because he suffered a broken hand last Friday against Denver.

Ferris State's Mark Bomersback suffered a broken leg in a collison with a Union player last weekend, so he is out for this weekend's series against Merchyhurst, as well as beyond.

Bowling Green's James Unger will miss a significant amount of time due to a wrist injury.

Friday Addendums

Minnesota-Duluth takes on UMass-Lowell this weekend. Holy Hyphens! RWD previews the series.

MSU Hockey Blog previews MSU vs. WMU.

Let's Go DU previews DU at SCSU.

The CC World Gazette previews CC at Alaska-Anchorage. Also, CC goalie Drew O'Connell learns that you can go home again.