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Take That, Self

I told you the competition for Crumbelievable Quote of the Week was tough. This one didn't win because it wasn't really crumbelievable, but I did think it was funny enough to get a mention.

Ohio State is off to a bit of a rough start this weekend, and about 3 of the 5 Ohio State fans that took their attention away from football long enough to notice that hockey season has started are starting to lose their patience with head coach John Markell.

What's the secret to Markell's lack of success? My money is on the fact that he spends his time getting arguments over fairly obvious things....with himself. The Star-Tribune's Dean Spiros asked Markell about Gopher freshmen Erik Johnson and here's what Markell had to say:
"He is the best player at his age in the world. Who says so? The best league in the world, which took him No. 1 in its draft. That's a pretty special accolade."
Granted, I ask annoying rhetorical questions all the time here, so I probably shouldn't be too snarky. And I know that Markell's inflection was probably different, but in my head, it sounds really funny.

I can only hope Markell answers all questions in a similar manner.

"Hey John, what's for dinner?"

"Beef! Who says so? The National Cattleman's Beef Association, that's who. Don't you ever question me again, voice-inside-my-head"