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Our Friendly Friends that Hate Us

On this, the eve of the real start of the college hockey season, I'm sure that you're asking, "Hey, how are our good friends to the North doing?" I'm glad you asked, because he's a round-up of the major junior leagues.

We'll start in the WHL since they're going to have a ridiculous amount of first round draft picks this year. There's a couple names of interest atop the scoring board so far.

Martin Hanzal, a first round Phoenix draft pick who played in the USHL last season is tied for the league lead in scoring right now with 12 points. Hanzal played 19 games for Omaha last year in the USHL and had 19 points in the regular season, but only one point in 5 playoff games.

Much like the football team at his old school, Tyler Swystun is continues to tell the world "Don't you dare ever write me off". He's got 9 points in 6 games which puts him 6th in the league in scoring.

American defenseman Jon Blum has 8 points in his first six games. I think he'll make a big move up a lot of NHL teams' draft boards this year. Another American defenseman, Ray Macias, has 5 points in his first 5 games.

Other names of note: Would-have-been-Seawolf Erik Felde has a goal and three assists in his first 4 games. Would-have-been-Nanook Brandon Campos has a goal in four games. A.J. Thelen has only played one game since he was with the Wild, but scored a goal and an assist in that game. Sartell, MN's Mike Sauer has a goal and assist in 4 games. Former recruit Lucas Bloodoff only has one goal in his first six games. I don't think Peter Mueller has played any games yet since he was with Phoenix.

In Ontario, former Wisconsin recruit Sam Gagner is third in league scoring with 11 points(1g, 10a) in three games.

American defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti has 10 points, with six goals, in his first 5 games. Yet for some reason, can't make the US World Junior team. It boggles the mind.

Would-have-been-Wolverine Trevor Lewis has 8 points in his first five games. Pat Kane has 7 points in his first three games, though from reports, it sounds like he's looked a lot better than Gagner, for whatever that it is worth. Two Americans from New York, Dan Collins and Nick Palmieri are also off to nice starts with 7 points so far this year.

Former Spartan Peder Skinner has 5 points in his first four games. Former Leprechuan Victor Oreskovich also has 5 points through four games. Would-have-been Bulldog Jared Boll has two goals and two assist in five games. Would-have-been Wolverine A.J. Jenks has a goal and three assists in his first five games. Would-have-been Buckeye Kelly Geoffrey has three assists in his first five games. Former Badgers Matt Auffrey has two goals in four games. Former Omaha Maverick Joe Grimaldi has two assists in his first four games. Would-have-been Maverick Frank Grzczazazazaa(not that he's moved on, I don't have to remember how to spell his name), has a goal in five games. Christian Steingraber has been held scoreless in two games.