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More Trick than Treat

This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to bash your head against the wall. I was doing a little NHL draft research, and checking out the WHL's scoring leaders.

Remember how this is a banner year for talent in the WHL? Guess who is in the top ten in league scoring? None other than Mark Santorelli, who backed out of his commitment to Northern Michigan this summer to play with the expansion Chilliwack Bruins. Erik Felde and Tyler Swystun are both a touch under a point per game as well.

In the OHL, Sam Gagner still leads the league in scoring, and Pat Kane is third. Trevor Lewis is 9th in league scoring. David Meckler, who left Yale this summer, is 29th in league scoring.

Sam Gagner's success in particular brought about a lot of discussion in the hockey about the USHL and college hockey and the OHL. In my mind, it's not an issue of Gagner not being able to score as many points in NCAA hockey, since goals are tougher to come by. It's an issue of him being able to lead a league in scoring. Would Mark Santorelli be among the NCAA league leaders in scoring if he had gone to Northern Michigan? Probably not. It's just frustrating to see all the great talent that the NCAA has lost out on over the past couple years.