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More on Ty Gretzky

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There was a lot of buzz in the college hockey world when Wayne Gretzky's son, Ty, enrolled at Shattuck-St. Mary's Prep in Minnesota to play hockey.

So far, the younger Gretzky has just one goal and two assists in his first 8 games at Shattuck. But it seems that he is enjoying his prep school experience, as is his dad..

Globe and Mail(Canada's USA Today-ish newspaper) hockey journalist Eric Duhatschek recently talked with Wayne about his kids.

Here's some of the highlights:
"My son’s not a superstar, but he has a passion for the game and he knows the game and he’s only going to get better," said Gretzky. "I told him, ‘if you’re homesick, you can move back,’ but he said, ‘no, I love it here.’ He practices every day. They play two or three games every weekend. It’s a great school. He’s getting a great education and he gets to play hockey every day. He’s just in heaven."
Gretzky thinks that Canada’s schools could adopt a program similar to St. Mary’s that would allow high-school age players to make use of ice time, during school hours, where it normally sits idle. There are a handful of schools in Alberta and Quebec that do integrate hockey into the curriculum, but it could be done on a much higher level. Gretzky said he discussed the matter with Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson during a far-ranging conversation Tuesday morning, when the Coyotes passed through Calgary.

(link via James Mirtle)