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The Alaska Daily News' Doyle Woody has joined the blogosphere. He'll mostly be covering the Alaska Aces, current home of college players like Chris Fournier, Barrett Heisten, Derek Gustafson, Isaac Reichmuth, Pete Metcalf, Corbin Schmidt, Matt Shasby, Jim Dahl, Kevin Croxton, Ryan MacMurchy, and Justin Johnson. He'll also be covering Alaska-Anchorage. It's always good when "real media" types join the blogosphere, since their information is usually the lifeblood for the rest of us with little to no access. I believe that now makes 4 of the 10 WCHA teams with newspaper writers who maintain a blog.

College Hockey News wrote their own feature piece on the UA-UAA rivalry.

I write about Friday's loss and Saturday's win over at Mav Hockey Nation.

Duluth play-by-play guy Bruce Ciskie agrees with me about the Alaska rivalry.

UAA Fan Blog has an early rundown on the WCHA.

Chris Heisenberg talks about 2007 recruit Wahs Stacey. College hockey needs more guys named Wahsantio.

UAF Hockey Blog has about ten great posts from this past weekend so go there and check them out. Especially the pictures of Alaska's throwback unis. I think those are very cool.

Brad Schlossman reviews North Dakota's weekend, even though it's one the Sioux would probably like to forget.

CC Hockey Blog isn't happy with the Tigers effort against New Hampshire last weekend.

RWD recaps Duluth's weekend in Madison.

LSSU Hockey Blog has a lot of questions after Clarkson beat up on Lake State on Saturday.

Wisconsin Hockey Blog recaps Wisconsin's weekend.

Tech Hockey Blog enjoys it while it lasts.