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USC is totally stealing college hockey's thunder. 14 year old Dwayne Polee, Jr. committed to USC. I can't find an exact birthdate, so I'm not sure if he beats out Jon Merrill as the youngest ever. The funny thing with Polee Jr., is that I found an article from like a month and a a half ago where he announced his high school choice. I'm also kinda mad that Polee's commitment made it on ESPN News and the Jon Merrill story didn't. I guess I must be one of those "underground" websites ESPN is warning against.

So remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about how Mitch's Misfits was being absorbed into a Michigan Tech fan conglomerate. Probably not, but I so did. Anyway, at the time I compared it to the unification of Italy, which was incredible foresight on my part, because this situation is about as confusing as Italian politics. The Misfits will still be part of the Husky Hysteria group, but will be keeping the name Mitch's Misfits, mostly because a group that supports MTU volleyball is keeping their name. So good for them. And I'm sure the big-headed midget will be pleased to hear the news as well.

Capital Times writer/USCHO feature writer/Pretty nice guy Todd Milewski has joined the blogosphere. There's some very solid information there to start things off, inlcuding an update on Brian Elliott's status, and the Badgers line chart for this weekend.

Speaking of new blogs, or at least new to me, there's the Bronco Hockey Alumni Players Assoc. Blog which covers Western Michigan hockey. My favorite part of their celebratory post after WMU defeated Michigan State: "...this was a nationally televised game seen on ESPNU by millions of college hockey fans across the globe." I don't think I've found more than five people that get ESPNU.

Will Acton, the son of former NHLer Keith Acton, has committed to play for Lake Superior next season. He is the first Laker recruit for the 2007 season.

Gopher Hockey Blog isn't impressed with the OHL, based on Sam Gagner's ridiculous point totals.

UAA Fan Blog continues writing about this weekend's Governor's Cup battle.

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